Hopefully John McAfee isn’t crazy enough to do what he said he would if Bitcoin didn’t hit $1 million by 2020

Today, an old tweet appeared on my timeline from John McAfee, the founder of McAfee security software. Apparently, he had predicted that Bitcoin would be worth $500 thousand by the end of 2020, but recorrected his math due to the parabolic bull run of 2017 because it had outpaced his initial expectations. What he promised to do if price did not reach $1 million is up for you to read down below.

John McAfee is many things - An intelligent entrepreneur, one of the biggest proponents of bitcoin, an alleged criminal of the Caribbean and is filled with almost as many antics as a Soundcloud rapper when it comes to social media. Because of his unpredictable personality, I think some people might actually expect them to go through with what he promised, or at least make some sort of skit related to it.

McAfee has tweeted today about New Years, but doesn’t go into his plans for the night. For the most part, he has been silent about plans to self mutilate at the start of the decade. This is what he has said on the topic though:

I’ll add to Janice’s warnings about tonight: - If you drug and drive use only those drugs that cannot be detected. - If you’re an Uber driver, good hunting. For those that survive the night: May you have a wonderful New Year.” -@officialmcafee

I think most people would prefer Bitcoin to rise to $1 million over the alternative, but it looks unlikely with price ranging in the $7k area, unable to break $8k. So on this New Years Eve, we wish McAfee a happy New Years, hope that he stays safe.