Decentralized streaming service DLive is migrating to Tron — here’s what it means for the platform

DLive, a ‘decentralized’ streaming service originally ran on the SteemIt network, then Lino and now it will be adopted by Tron. BitTorrent, operated by Justin Sun, announced yesterday that DLive will be migrating onto the Tron blockchain.

“DLive is one of the best real-world examples of what is possible when you combine blockchain and digital media,” said Justin Sun

The platform averaged around 4,000 unique on-chain users every 24 hours but there aren’t statistics available for previous months. December began with days reaching 10,000 users and has since stabilized at 4,000 to 5,000. With Twitch consistently growing, they face strong competition similar to how difficult it would be to compete with YouTube.

As we have covered before, people who think that DLive will be any less censored than YouTube will be disappointed. DLive has policies just like any other content creation website, but the main difference is that Lino holders can vote for changes in the blockchain. Voting is done by staking a certain amount of the coin, which risks plutocracy just you might see in a centralized organization.

Their main claim to fame is that PewDiePie streamed on the platform for a short amount of time. DLive takes down stream recordings after 45 days and PewDiePie’s channel has none, which means that he hasn’t streamed on the platform within that amount of time. Still, he seemed to use the platform without being sponsored, saying that he valued that content creators controlled it and he received more money for his work.

Governance might be a bit different on the Tron network than it is on Lino. The Lino network revolved primarily around content creators while Tron is a general purpose smart contract platform. There is a similar staking system for governance in Tron, but DLive users might have less proportional control over the blockchain. Recently we covered how Binance controls 56% of the voting power on the Tron network.

Details have not yet came out on whether or not creators will get paid in TRX or if it will be the only way to transact after the migration.