About Two Oxen

Money is changing. Cryptocurrencies are breaking out of their niche, decentralized finance is an increasingly hot trend, democratization of investing is rocking the footholds of financial institutions, we’re paying for everything with our phones, and taking out loans without signing papers.

The times are also changing. Amidst financial innovation, the generation that is bringing it to fore is also experiencing the greatest wealth gap in generations. In the United States, if you look at how much wealth each generation has held at similar ages, millennials are depressingly behind a generation that was already… depressingly behind. To put it simply: Millennials (many of which are now in their 30s, by the way), on average, only hold a small fraction of the wealth their grandparents did at their age.

There are a breadth of reasons for this, but many of them are outside the average person’s control. Wherever you land on who — or what — to blame for this increasing wealth disparity, there is one thing that essentially everyone has direct control over: financial literacy and education.

This is why Two Oxen exists. We want to cover every corner of modern, 21st-century financial life. Among other things, we’ll be exploring:

  • Online businesses and revenue generation
  • Basic budgeting & financial literacy
  • Democratization of investing
  • Cryptocurrency/blockchain
  • Decentralized finance
  • Peer-to-peer payments

Let’s yoke up and learn basic financial literacy, explore the ways the current financial climate is opening opportunities for young people, and build honest wealth in the age of unlimited information.

The Team

Stephen Hall - Founder

Patrick Cleath - Content Writer