Top 3 Discord servers for crypto trading and blockchain tech

Whether you’re learning technical analysis to help invest in cryptocurrency or want to get more familiar with the technology, these crypto Discord groups have people familiar with the topics. Reddit is also a great place have your questions answered, but it’s harder to have a dialogue due to posting and commenting limits. You still should refrain from spamming in these Discords, and try to learn as much as you can without asking questions, but there are people willing to help in each.

As a disclaimer, Discord users on these channels are mostly anonymous, and edgy-gamer humor is tolerated to a greater extent than on sites like Reddit. Enter at your own risk.


Cryptopolis sits at #1 because of high quality members, a variety of channels and low tolerance for offensive content. The channel revolves around trading on BitMEX, but there are channels for traditional markets, tech, and alt coins and new members. On top of that, there are plenty of bots that relay market orders, big wallet moves.

This is also the channel where you will probably be able to ask the least amount of questions, but by reading dialogue going on can learn a lot. Because of the higher experience level of members, they are unlikely to entertain basic questions that can be found elsewhere. This is a small price to pay for the conversations you are able to dig into and research yourself.

Over 8000 users have been banned on Cryptopolis, and the Admin, johndoe has been involved in calling out scammers like AMH who once had a huge influence on crypto Twitter and a paid group. Though the group is as edgy as any anonymous organization of gamers, there is also a conscious driven by good leadership.


If you’re looking for a Discord that solely focuses on tech, Concourse is the best out there. The server owner is Scott Lewis, who is involved in DeFi Pulse, ConcourseQ and DEX.AG. They mostly focus on DeFi projects and answer questions related to Ethereum, but they seem to be very willing to help people figure things out.

Concourse specifically made it to this list because Discord isn’t great for talking about blockchain tech in general. A better place for that is Telegram, which has a DeFi group with 4,000 members, Telegram’s TON channel, MakerDAO chat and likely more that I’ve never even seen. My theory is that gamers who are familiar to Discord are more likely to trade and business people familiar with Telegram are more likely to look in depth at projects.

Crypto Cartel

I hate to recommend this one because they have absolutely no filter, but it’s a huge active server with some talented traders in it. “Staff” members include Twitch streamer Turnip and Twitter influencer Flood. Both of these traders have great track records and are probably the reason that this Discord has such a huge crowd.

If you get along with them, they’re known to be active in the voice chat, where they watch movies together. It’s more of a close knit family than Cryptopolis but also deters people who care about social issues.

Unlike Cryptopolis, they have a channel called “Classroom” which has a dedicated section for “newbie questions.” There is also a knowledge-base section with helpful links for people looking to learn about crypto and trading.