The best places to get news on crypto and blockchain

As a two-manned blog, it’s difficult to cover everything, so I put together a list of news outlets that I’ve vetted during my time covering the space. Just like in any other industry, there’s high quality journalism, sites that have given into click baiting everything and boring sites that sometime have gold within them. Here, I’ll give you the best places to grab the latest crypto news and give a bit of context to each outlet.

The Block 

I like The Block because they don’t care about pictures, extending stories or really even search engine optimization. Their stories are super short, to the point and that helps them release content quicker than anyone.

They monetize the site by putting paywalls over research content, which I am too poor to have ever seen but sometimes they give sneak peaks and it always looks interesting. Either way, the free content is high quality and they host one of the best podcasts in the crypto space, The Scoop.


Decrypt has more personality and conscious than any media outlet in the space. Most of the time it feels more blog-esque than The Block’s straight to the point approach, but I feel like that’s much needed. They’re not afraid to put two words together like ‘Fortnite’ and ‘crypto,’ and make a story about it even if it’s not breaking news.

Their pieces are usually on the longer side, but it’s impressive how many references they are able to tie together to make a complete picture. Reading their news posts have helped my understanding of global implications on crypto and the history of crypto in general.


People say that Coindesk is biased towards Bitcoin, and they probably are but nobody else sends journalists all over the world to do in-depth stories about how the coin is making an impact. On top of their well written news posts, they have some great raw-journalism, opinion pieces, interviews and are clearly an authoritative voice in the space.


Reddit is a tricky one because there are so many different pages, some higher quality than others. Because of this, I’ll share a link to my curated list here. There are really only five crypto related reddit pages that I would recommend for everyone because they have good vetting policies and don’t have much spam.

Reddit pages outside of this list sometimes have really good information but also have a disproportionate amount of repetitive questions, spam or low quality content.


We have reviewed Cryptopanic before and came to the conclusion that there’s nothing else that can compare to it. They have decent requirements for content to end up on the site and though there are still low quality posts on it, there is a rating system for filtering.

This website is almost like Reddit but everything in the crypto space is posted on it and there is no option for unverified accounts to post anything. It can be a valuable tool for traders who need every bit of information instantly.

And more 

I wrote this assuming for viewers that aren’t super deep into the crypto space yet and just need the essentials. Sites like CryptoNinjas basically cover ever press release in the crypto space and likely are the first to write about many important topics. Twitter is probably the best place to find news in general, but curating a list of users to follow would be an entire other post.

People can tell you what to trust, but it’s always good to be skeptical until you are media trained in the space and can call out people’s b.s. Take a look at our website though, you’ll see the type of content that we cover, general attitude towards the space and hopefully it will influence your decision in taking these recommendations seriously.