Multi-Collateral DAI will be listed on Coinbase within weeks of release

Cryptocult just confirmed with Coulter Mulligan, Head of Marketing at MakerDAO that the Multi-Collateral iteration of DAI will be listed on Coinbase within 1 to 3 weeks of its release.

“Unsure of the exact date but they plan on adding Dai (MCD) in first 1-3 weeks so either the change will happen Nov 18 or shortly after.” - Coulter Mulligan

When MCD is released, it will be called DAI and the old, single-collateral DAI will be called SAI. According to Coulter, the current DAI will change to SAI either once MCD is listed or when it is released.

It will be important for current SAI holders who don’t keep up with Maker announcements to realize that they are holding a stablecoin that could soon be subject to volatility. A good way to do this is through Coinbase notifications and users realizing that their stablecoin now has a different name.

There is a DAI-ETH pair on Coinbase pro that has decent trading volume, but those people will have to pull their DAI into a Ethereum wallet in order to upgrade to MCD.

If you hold any $Dai today, either in a wallet, CDP or on an exchange, you must upgrade when MCD is released.” - @makerdao