When Multi-Collateral DAI releases, watch SAI die on this site

Mariano Conti, Head of Smart Contracts at the MakerDAO Foundation announced a new site called Sai Sats today on twitter. The site acts as a live feed for information such as Sai supply, the debt ceiling, Ethereum locked and the Collateralization Ratio.

In eight days, Multi-Collateral DAI will release which Maker recommends everyone upgrade to immediately. Being able to see SAI supply drop in real could have an influence on the immediacy users feel about upgrading.

Either way, it’s nice too have a page reminiscent of the U.S. Debt Clock for everyone’s favorite decentralized stablecoin. Conti confirmed with Cryptocult that a similar site with statistics for Multi-Collateral DAI will be available on or shortly after its release.

“Don’t know if I’ll have it ready for release, but it’ll be close!” - @nanexcool

A lot is happening in the Maker world in the upcoming weeks. MCD will be voted on November 15th, implemented on the 18th, and listed on Coinbase shortly after. All holders and people with CDP positions will be responsible for upgrading their SAI (DAI) to DAI (MCD) or risk losing stability on their asset.

If adoption doesn’t happen quickly, users will be able to see it in live time on the SAI stats website.