Are you prepared for a recession?

Ah, macroeconomics. If you spend a lot of time on macro twitter—or bitcoin twitter, or stocks twitter, or really any economic twitter filter bubble—you might be tempted to believe you have your thumb on the pulse of what’s going to happen with the economy. I know I fall for this. ”Ah yes, the housing market is going to collapse next month, I’ve seen at least 10 twitter threads confirming this with extensive data-driven evidence.”

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A new Two Oxen

When I first started this blog, I had a grandiose vision of creating a one-stop resource for understanding everything going on with the modern economy and how it was affecting young people. “Democratized finance” is what I called the subject, and tackling every aspect of it—from cryptocurrencies to Robinhood—was the plan. That was a dumb plan. Like, really bad.

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