A new Two Oxen

When I first started this blog, I had a grandiose vision of creating a one-stop resource for understanding everything going on with the modern economy and how it was affecting young people. “Democratized finance” is what I called the subject, and tackling every aspect of it—from cryptocurrencies to Robinhood—was the plan. That was a dumb plan. Like, really bad.

While I actually know a lot more now than I did then about those topics, it’s time to completely pivot the purpose of this blog. I have other places where I write on what’s going on with money, and the more I learn, the more I understand that the changes our society are undergoing are far greater than I thought. And honestly, I’m still learning too much to feel like an authority on the matter.

Soooo…what the hell does Two Oxen mean, anyway? Nothing, really. I kinda liked the imagery. I have always appreciated the wisdom in the biblical idea of two spouses “equally yoked”, I was thinking about “bullish” price movement at the time (and the broader concept of “growth”), and beef, too, man. Some fatty brisket is where it’s at.

It also just so happened to be a broad enough domain that I knew it could evolve with me if the time came that I completely changed the subject matter. How convenient! Here we are.

This theme intends to cover lots of different topics, including but not limited to:

  • Web growth (SEO, content marketing)
  • Christianity
  • Hard money/bitcoin
  • Real food/health

From now on, this blog is going to serve as a place where I can write about the intersection of these things.

We all lean on ancient wisdom to navigate our lives (whether we know it or not) and as long as we’re alive we never stop growing. I’m growing, and part of that growth has been a major career move recently, and that’s a big part of why I’m going to have time to resurrect this blog.

I hope that my work here will be valuable to you and that I can do just that. Thanks for reading this little vision-casting update. If your interest is piqued, follow Two Oxen on Twitter.