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Illustrations of Juan Arias

Art, Graphic, Photography.

  The Graphic designer from spain has a vivid portfolio of illustrations, that demonstrate his perspective on design. Quirky and colorful the collection of work is an interesting view. From skateboard art to posters and graphic illustrations, Juan definitely has a unique way of capturing a youthful look in his designs. His website bodymoving also contains his work […]


Punch the Camera

Art, Photography, Publication.

Punch the Camera is a photo publication with an abstract feel, pieced together by exceptional photographers. Earlier this year issue 4 -”a weird and dream-like escape documenting the youthful desire for surf and skate.” was released and is available for purchase online. You can also see the contributors of the current issue, and purchase past issues. Visit […]


A Melon A Day

Art, Photography.

A simple idea, yet so powerful. What is “A Melon A Day”? It is a project created by Michael McWilliams (also creator of Digz Apparel) that is to support awareness of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A melon is a representation of our heads, so fragile of an item in which we should be careful of damaging. […]