It’s not just you: is down for some as coronavirus fears mount

It’s not just you: appears to be down for many users of the young people-focused investing app. It’s likely that coronavirus fears over the weekend have pushed the servers beyond its limit as investors look to make trades to mitigate their exposure…

Robinhood’s support Twitter account has yet to acknowledge the issues, but the company’s status monitor website does note a system-wide outage.

We are experiencing a system-wide outage. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

The website has been showing issues with popping up for users since market open at 9:30 AM ET. The site’s outage map is showing access issues across the country, so it doesn’t appear this outage has geographic cause.

Most users aren’t even able to load their logged-in dashboard, while others are able to view their account but cannot execute trades of any kind.

Four hours after market open, Robinhood was still non-functional for most users. Now, angry users of the brokerage are calling for compensation on Twitter.

DownDetector is showing a flattening of outage reports, but most users are still reporting that the service is entirely unusable. Even those that are able to load their profile pages are unable to process trades of any kind.

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