Is this the closest we’ve come to a Bitcoin x The Office crossover?

It’s always exciting for Bitcoin bulls when public figures tweet about anything crypto-related, and today we have one of the more significant cases as of late. Rainn Wilson, also known as “Dwight Schrute” from NBC’s hit show The Office, has tweeted his support for the Mona Foundation — encouraging any and all Bitcoin “HODLers” to… not HODL, but rather give.

Giving Tuesday is the (relatively) newly-established anti-consumerism holiday, following the crazy weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities, and The Giving Block has started the web’s foremost cryptocurrency-centric version of that charitable and philanthropic day.

In the coming weeks, The Giving Block will launch the world’s largest cryptocurrency fundraising platform. On Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019), joined by influencers, sponsors and partners, the top nonprofits accepting crypto will band together to accept crypto through the platform for “Bitcoin Tuesday”.

Rainn Wilson is clearly a celebrator of #BitcoinTuesday, and tweeted his support specifically for the Mona Foundation. If you didn’t know, Mona supports “educational initiatives and raising the status of women and girls around the world.”

As is fitting for Wilson and his character, the tweet also included a subtle reference to The Office. In an episode where arch nemesis Jim Halpert mocks Dwight with an impersonation, he says “bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica” to refer to the three things that Dwight’s character is most constantly obsessed with in the show. In Wilson’s tweet today, he twisted that famous quote with #BitcoinBeetsBattlestarGalactica.

Sidenote: Is this the closest we’ve ever come to a Bitcoin and The Office crossover? (The show ended before a Bitcoin cultural reference would have made sense.)