Binance now offers more leverage than any crypto exchange

Today, Binance announced that they would be increasing leverage available on their futures exchange from 100% to 125%. This beats out FTX, whose leverage was sitting at 101%, mostly so they could say they offered more leverage than BitMex.

Still, Binance has not included cross leverage on their platform which pulls from your wallet instead of liquidating a position. They also do not have a liquidation calculator for users to estimate when they will lose their collateral.

One of the most beautiful things about Crypto is freedom, but with great power comes great responsibility. In order be considered a day trader in the U.S. one must hold over $25,000 on an exchange. After that requirement is met, a trader can use up to 4x leverage.

Not to imply that U.S. regulations are superior, but they are a testament to the conservative perspective on leverage. Even on Discords that center around trading on BitMex you’ll hear the consistent advice of not being over-leveraged.

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up for a BitMex account. Your bitcoin is deposited on the exchange after a few confirmed blocks, your funds are ready to be liquidated. A 100x bitcoin long at 7949 would be given back to the market if price reaches 7911.