Mudrex, make trading bots for BitMEX and Binance without knowing how to code

Creating a trading bot in Crypto is particularly difficult because most exchanges have proprietary API, meaning the programming is different for each. Mudrex created possibly the only product enabling non-programmers to into backtest and automating trades on exchanges like Coinbase, BitMEX, Binance and Deribit. With this app, no coding experience is needed.

How does a Mudrex bot work? 

Like Mudrex itself, the application is better described with pictures than with language. Mudrex example AlgoThey simplified algo-trading to the point where a child could probably figure it out. Ofcourse, it’s unlikely that you can take their application as far as someone who can code bots raw, but it’s the only option for those who don’t have time to learn a language.

As you can see, there are blocks resembling conditional circumstances like patterns, trends, indicators, volume, price and time. The rectangular boxes in the middle are calls to trigger buys, sells, stop losses or take profits. These blocks can simply be connected to each other to trigger orders at certain conditions.

Double clicking on the boxes will let you get a bit deeper into how much you would like to buy, what percentage your trailing stop loss follows at, etc. The picture below is what the interface looks like when clarifying the conditions of the exponential moving average that you want price to trigger at. EMA vs EMA would signify one EMA crossing another. Further down you can see the this one is set to trigger with the 9 period EMA crosses the 26 period EMA.

Mudrex boxes

There are also circles on the side that add extra conditionals like “or,” “and,” “exact,” “not,” and “any” to add further complexity to the bot.

Once your algorithm is created, you can either run it as a backtest, or live trading via paper trades or real capital. Activate trades

How much does Mudrex cost? 

There are a few options for newcomers and experienced traders who trust the application. Thankfully, inexperienced are able to run 1 live bot, 2 paper trading bots and 100 backtests/month for free. This allows everyone to try make sure that the program works without becoming invested.

In total, there are four tiers to pricing:

  • Free - $0
  • Researcher - $16/m
  • Trader - $42/m
  • Pro Trader - $84/m

To summarize, Researcher pricing allows more access to backtesting, but no additional features to running bots. Trader gives even more backtesting ability and increases bots users can run up to 10. Pro Trader allows for unlimited access to all features. There is support for Free users and Researchers via e-mail and Discord while Traders and Pro traders get live support.

Disclaimer: Few high frequency traders are profitable and we don’t consider trading to be a smart way to invest your money.