Crypto traders: rich, famous and can’t be “cancelled”

Around 90 percent of traders lose money, so naturally, the cool thing to do is also the stupid thing to do. In the crypto trading space, the cool thing to do is to sit on a 5,000 member discord posting memes, charts and acting like you know where price is going. 

Two of the biggest discords for these activities are Cryptopolis and Crypto Cartel and they have many things in common.

The crypto trading space is one of a kind

Anonymity definitely is not a unique feature for a discord channel, but it isn’t usually correlated with making money. A small percentage of profitable traders that spend time on these servers are literally making money out of money. The only people between them and paying for living expenses is the IRS who do not release their information to the public 

It’s also uncommon to be anonymous and famous. Many crypto traders have gained clout through these Discord groups. AskMeHow,  Flood, and Majinsayan all have had 10s of thousands of followers. 

So in a sense, crypto trading is the only space where you can become famous, never release your identity and make loads of money all at the same time. 

Anonymous Scammers 

AskMeHow has gone by many names such as AskMeHowToLong, AskMeHowToShort, and some others that I’m forgetting. He deleted his twitter after admin johndoe of Cryptopolis posted a tweet thread about his real identity and how he had scammed people in the past. 

Essentially, AMH garnered a following from making a long term trend calls and started a paid group. He even convinced people to give him their accounts so they could watch him trade live. One person claimed to have given him a $200 account that AMH turned into $50,000 and never gave back.

Since the tweet thread, the AMH brand has never reappeared, but who knows if he’s out there on some other anonymous account. 

Majinsayan was banned from Cryptopolis in May after admin was provided evidence of “scammy behavior.” He didn’t run a paid group like AMH, but instead took loans from those who believed in his talents and didn’t pay them back. 

After his dismissal from both Cryptopolis and Crypto Cartel, his following has only been growing. About a week ago, CCN wrote a piece about his price predictions. 

Saying things that would get them “canceled” in real life

Flood's extreme opinion on women

Flood is a founder of Crypto Cartel and has 72,000 twitter followers. He has been interviewed by the Venture Coinist and Crypto Street Podcast and a highly respected crypto trader. He doesn’t delete tweets when it turns out that his call was wrong and is able to admit that he loses sometimes. 

He also said on the Cryptopolis discord that “women are 99.999999% cringe” and “women should NEVER have been allowed to vote.” 

The statement was followed by a user asking what he thinks of “female hoes”. The same user, minutes before flood’s response had said that male dominance is natural and he would beat a girlfriend who sleeps with other men. Neither users were banned after the conversation. 

As someone who has been gaming online since 2004, I can understand that people with good hearts can think that bad things are funny. Those same people are more expressive in a place where they feel comfortable. 

What is interesting is that someone with 72,000 followers and media attention can face zero criticism for those types of statements. Even if they said anything bad enough to draw attention, they can just make a new account and start over. 

Tread carefully 

In the future, if Flood becomes as successful as Warren Buffet, he will miss out on business opportunities for throwing those types of opinions in the open. The space may have little consequences in the short term, but you never know what will happen in the future. 

For those just finding out about the happenings of crypto traders, try to learn from people who can be held accountable for the things they say. I’m sure some of the anonymous twitter traders are very smart, but right now it is impossible to know if those people are being transparent. 

There are plenty of sources to learn about trading who come from traditional markets and have proof tied to their real name