Evan Bates is an up and coming photographer from Asheville, North Carolina. Evan has been in the field of photography for about 6 years now and continues to keep learning new skills and styles as he practices the art of photography. He enjoys using manual settings and says that, “the freedom of manual settings allows me to spend more time shooting, and less time editing. Doing so through techniques such as free lensing, home-made filters, and creative lighting, I create non-edited photos in a vintage or retro style.” I have personally followed this fellow photographer through the past year or more, and he truly is gaining experience and skill with his own style and feel as well. If you like to see some amazing- yet very simple and elegant- photos, go check his work out! As well, recently he has begun to sell his work on shirts, mugs, and more. Links below.

Instagram: via_artia

Society6: jevan

Facebook: evanbatesphotography