Nine Chronicles blockchain RPG launches public alpha – Sign ups surpass expectations

Nine Chronicles, an RPG developed by Ubisoft-backed, Planetarium released its public alpha today. This is the first game that Planetarium has released, and it runs on its own blockchain network.

Apparently, the alpha is in demand as there are people begging for invites to the game on their official discord. A channel moderator, Naomi Nam, apologized for a user who hadn’t received an invite, saying, “Sorry, we didn’t expect many people to sign up after the start of Public Alpha.” Another Planetarium staff member told Cryptocult that they saw more than double the expected sign-ups upon release.

The game is a side scrolling, hack-and-slash RPG that promises dungeons, crafting, trading and PvP. It is not a massively multiplayer RPG, but users will be able to battle each other and cooperate in an open economy. Nine Chronicles is tokenized and the name of the token in “Gold.”

“Nine Chronicles has Gold as a main coin. You can use it for combining materials and trading. Players can earn the gold by mining blocks or selling items to market,” Jaehyun told us on Discord.

Many blockchain game developers opt to build on blockchain platforms that are widely known, like EOS or Ethereum, but Planetarium believes that each game having its own blockchain network will help avoid governance issues.

“Decisions about the game are to be determined by the needs of the games, not by the platform. We should define the game first, not the blockchain underneath it,” Planetarium CEO told Coindesk.

Planetarium expects the game to be appealing to people who like to modify the worlds they play in. From the start, all coding will be open source and users will be able to share designs through GitHub. The team cites Blizzard’s control over games as a hinderance towards creativity, but many triple A games censor user created content.