Bitcoin finally makes its way to a viral TikTok video

TheWolfofBitcoins posted a Bitcoin themed TikTok video two days ago that has garnered over 1 million views. The video was him walking into a room filled with GPUs as the popular ‘lalala‘ by bbno$ and y2k song  played in the background. He captioned it, “This is why GPU prices went up.”


I’m not sure if this is a testament to more crypto enthusiasts using TikTok or PC fans. You can look at the TikTok’s popularity in two ways, either people are jealous of the huge mining rig or just impressed that he has that many GPUs.

Either way, the video came off to me as a bit outdated as GPU prices have come down in recent years, and the supply has risen. In modern times, ASICs, or chips specialized for solving mining algorithms have gained popularity and are highly competitive in performance. People definitely still use GPUs, but they are not the only option as they once were.

This is so much the case that the Ethereum community is considering implementing a change to their mining algorithm that makes more use of GPUs than ASICs, so that casual PC users don’t have to invest as much capital to start mining.

Ofcourse, a TikTok video like this won’t pump the price of Bitcoin, but maybe it will get some younger minds wondering about how mining affects the economics of their computer parts. Either way, it’s cool to see something like this with over a million views.