Samsung shows interest in Elrond blockchain

Today, Samsung announced support for Elrond on their blockchain wallet, according to The Block.

For those who don’t know, Elrond is a project that aims to be Ethereum like, but faster than centralized networks. This means that developers will be able to create basically anything they want on top of it, but in an efficient manner.

How they are planning to accomplish their goals involves “secure proof-of-stake” and “adaptive sharding.” Ethereum is currently working on implementing proof-of-stake and exploring sharding.

Samsung reportedly believes that listing Elrond will be mutually beneficial, because it will allow their customers to have easy access to Elrond’s decentralized applications. Apparently, they will be soon releasing a consumer app on the Samsung app store.

Their blockchain wallet is also referred to as a “blockchain keystore SDK,” beacause it’s only use isn’t for consumers to store assets. Being listed on the keystore allows the applications developers build on their blockchain network to communicate directly with the users’ wallet, which will make things more seamless for the customers.

Other coins supported on the wallet include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron, which was announced within the past week.