OpenLibra’s history of potentially misleading investors

This morning, a PR rep for OpenLink’s Lucas Geiger asked me to correct a post which referenced their claim to having a ChainLink contributor in their “core team and community.” By this time, they had completely removed said list from their website. Apparently, this might not be the first time people in association with OpenLibra have mislead investors about who would be involved with a project.

OpenLink PR explaining Greiger's mistake

On Twitter, investor Andrew Lee said that he and friends had invested $1 million into Geiger’s last project called Wireline. To his dismay, some of the key reasons he put up a large sum of money turned out to be alleged “false promises” from Geiger’s team.

He tweeted that he was promised by Wireline advisor Sizhao Yang that certain people would be invested in the Wireline project.

“when i invested in wireline, i was promised the investors were: @JUN_Omise @QtumOfficial wendell davis @ethereumecf @photomatt @hashed_official @golemproject @AugurProject  i’m not sure if they’re still invested”

As time went on, words never came to fruition. He tried to message Geiger repeatedly and would sometimes get a response, but never got answers.

Lee posted screenshots on Twitter of him trying to reach out to Geiger.

Lee messaging Greiger about WireLine message

This means that for potentially two projects in a row, OpenLibra’s creator has been misleading investors. Lee says that since his initial tweet, multiple people have privately messaged him claiming that OpenLibra has marketed their involvement without consent.