Co-Creator of Libra is following Libra’s open source alternative

A fork of Libra’s open source code, OpenLibra was officially announced today at DEVCON 5. Libra Co-Creator, Morgan Beller, is already following their twitter page. It looks like they have been building a community for the past four months and are now ready to bring information to the public. 

Co-Creator of Libra following OpenLibra on Twitter

Their website looks very much like a white-paper, and basically reiterates what everyone already thinks of Libra. OpenLibra doesn’t like how centralized and plutocratic Facebook’s blockchain project is. 

Boasting a core-team with members from the Ethereum Foundation and Cosmos, they plan to “embrace what is powerful” and replace what is concerning with Libra. 

The webpage seems to spend more time talking about what they don’t like about Libra than how they plan to succeed with OpenLibra. A user on Twitter noted that there are already similar projects. 

Beller is not a part of the community, core team nor a contributor on their Github. She may just be observing to see how much traction an alternative gets. 

OpenLibra believes that Facebook will eventually release Libra, and this idea will be the open-source response.


The OpenLibra website initially had listed various members of their core team and which projects they had worked on. Cryptocult was contact today by a representative on behalf of Lucas Geiger to clarify that no Chainlink members have been part of the OpenLink core team or community. Shortly after publication of this article, the entire list of members was taken off the website.