A$AP Rocky shouts out Bitcoin in new song

Fresh out of Sweedish jail, A$AP Rocky seems to have Bitcoin on his mind. Thanks to a tweet from Coinsnobiety, we get to hear a sneak peak of a new song where he raps about everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. 


The lyrics are a bit muffled, but he seems to be reffering to proof of work though his wordplay. 

“Put in that work like bitcoin” 

If these are truly the lyrics, then Rocky has an understanding of how Bitcoin is mined which is really cool and nerdy. The only other possibility I can imagine is him saying “has worth like Bitcoin.” We won’t know for sure until the song comes out. 

Other recent Bitcoin references in rap 

After Nipsey Hussle’s death, a video went viral of him explaining how blockchain technology works. He made the video in 2017 to promote a project he was investing in called “followcoin.” 

A$AP Rocky made a heartfelt statement about Nipsey after his passing and it has me wondering if the two ever talked to each other about cryptocurrency. 

A more recent example is an artist who is blowing up named Teejayx6. His shtick is being a “scam rapper” rhyming step by step instructions on how to get away with credit card fraud using Bitcoin. 

Teejayx6 is a bad influence, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s serious about what he raps. He’s faked being in jail, faked getting arrested and is too rich at this point to continue scamming. Many of his rhymes overlap the next line he speaks and it can be quite comical, but also is high energy.