How to use WhatToMine to determine which GPU coins are most profitable

So you’ve built your mining rig and you’ve familiarized yourself with mining Ethereum or some other currency. But what if you just want to always mine whatever the most profitable coin is and just let your rig do its thing? This is where whattomine comes in for those new to crypto.


The easiest and most important resource for accomplishing this is This site combines lots of data — some of which will be provided by you — to determine which coins for your specific rig will generate you the most return at current rates.

The easiest way to use this site is to input the number of units you have for the most commonly used graphics cards. To the right of the calculate button, you can enter how many of each card you have. For the numbers to propagate, make sure you click the name of the card (in this case 1070) to turn green (Nvidia) or red (AMD). You should see the hash rates for all the cards fill themselves in.

After this, just enter how much your electricity costs. You can also fill in specific energy usage numbers for the different algorithms if you know them. If you don’t, WhatToMine is just going to use average guesses.

For me, I put in the number 4 for the “480” box since I have a GPU rig with 4 AMD RX 480s, and it appears that Ethereum is currently the most profitable coin. My hardware, according to the site’s current data, should generate about $20 in revenue and $18.76 in profit every 24 hours for Ethereum.

Other coins that are pretty profitable for my rig at the moment include Ubiq, Ethereum Classic, Musicoin, and Nicehash’s Ethash. We’ll talk more about Nicehash in another article — stay tuned.