Brave is giving away $1 million in Basic Attention Tokens

Brave, the company behind a relatively new blockchain platform that’s run on an altcoin by the name of Basic Attention Token (BAT), has announced that it is giving away $1 million in Basic Attention Tokens in a new effort to spur adoption and use of the digital advertising solution.

Basic Attention Token hopes to accomplish one overarching goal: to redefine web monetization. Basically, the cryptocurrency wants to be an avenue for content creators to receive payment based on how much attention and time (er, basic attention?) users spend on their sites.

Since Basic Attention Token is only successful if more people use the relatively unheard-of Brave browser, it seems company is having to do some self-promotion. On a first-come basis, the company is giving 200,000 people $5 USD in promotional Basic Attention Token. There’s only one catch: it has be used within 90 days.

The company says in its press release that an increasingly toxic ad market is the reason its token offers value for users:

Publishers, websites, and YouTube channels that receive tokens from Brave users will open a new means of monetizing content amid declining ad revenues, increasing ad fraud, and arbitrary demonetization campaigns. Ultimately, publisher and user adoption should continue to drive greater utility for the BAT.

This giveaway is a followup to the company’s first BAT infusion, which say $50,000 worth of Basic Attention Token be scooped up in just a little more than a day. Citing the browser and platform’s growing popularity, Brave recommends that users who wish to take part in this new promotion prepare for similar demand.

To get your free Basic Attention Token, all you have to do is install the latest version of Brave (at least 0.19.134) and start it up. You should get a promotion notification in the browser and the tokens will be displayed in their Brave Payments wallet.